my favourite native-made fashion shops

bc people up here keep asking where i get my stuff from, heres a short list of shops i have dealt with and can recommend:

  • edzerza gallery
    – gorgeous printed clothing! takes a while to arrive to finland but well worth the wait.
  • blue rose red eye
    – loving the beadwork and art, and have ordered more than once, and probably will again. whatever catches your eye, go and get it!
  • beadwork by hawlii
    – i absolutely adore the modernish touches on her beadwork, wish shed list more stuff!
  • cheyenne noon
    – beadwork, mostly, jewellry and other small items. beautiful work!
  • beadsnbeadss
    – more beaded jewellery, gorgeous hoops
  • ora louise boutique
    – beaded jewellery and other accessories, quick shipping and lovely style!
  • beyond buckskin
    – a large selection of contemporary native american fashion from streetwear to couture
  • miessi design
    – one of my resellers plus they have a lovely selection of a whole lot of saami design and handicraft

there are more, will add when i remember!

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