settlers love their dictionaries

they believe in them like theyre scripture

not just wrt the dictionary definition of things like racism, sexism, etc. but entire languages, like a book or several can ever be a substitute for being proficient in a language

in both cases its the damn near hysterical fear for people, situations and contexts not fitting into the neat little boxes and categories that were  drawn and written down in the dictionary by people you never met and who probably died ages ago.

and they never fit.

if you think a dictionary of any kind will give you the tools you need for figuring out environments, situations and contexts you do not know, i weep for you. (until you come to me shoving your dictionary up my nose when you dont want to listen to what i have to say – “no thats not what it means! i have here the true definitions of things! you cannot argue with a dictionary!”)

somehow everyone has managed to live for millennia without dictionaries but somehow only white settlers have felt the need to canonize their preconceptions and superficial (mis)understandings in dictionaries.

we do not need any more dictionaries for our languages and realities to become alive again. we only need ourselves to believe in them.

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