a memo that needed writing:

especially to the saami people who love it in the colonizers armpit stranglehold: you do not have to engage the colonial mythology and self-righteous appropriation of our history and culture. you do not have to care.

however, i do. i can’t NOT care or engage that shit because it concerns me. it concerns you, too, but its up to you how you deal with it, and i cant tell you whats best for you. if colonial oblivion and decontextualization suit you, go for it. but i cant.

do what you like – im not here to tell u otherwise! – but damn you all if you are going to tell me i shouldnt care, or engage, or consider my concerns legitimate. if you are to come here and talk to me about my writing, positioning or (may all the gods help you) ~tone~, you do not get to dismiss or belittle my criticisms or opinions just because you are so damn desensitized to that ongoing abuse that i call out, try to analyze and eventually overcome. you better engage them first.

if you really have nothing to add, best if you steer clear of me. because all the toxins you are willing to gobble up from the colonizers waste will turn you toxic, too. and im not taking any chances.

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