I’m against multiculturalism because I don’t want any brown or black people messing with the purity of my tenuous ideological apparatus.

white supremacists

Like, “multiculturalism” is kinda bunk because too-often it’s just more of that liberal tolerance “k u can be different but not too different lol” nonsense. That’s totally legit.

Problem is, whenever someone’s all “multiculturalism is bad,” it’s usually white people getting all nervous whenever they see a brown dude outside of a kebab stand.

(via ayiman)

Basically. & actual critiques of multiculturalism that actually address the actual issues, like the rampant lack of respect for and commodification of what are deemed lower-status cultures (think everything poc and indigenous ppl ever created), or the fact that the ideology is founded on the assumption of monocultural environments as default, are almost nowhere to be found.

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