lol social media is indeed like a game of broken telephone.

write anything that isnt exhaustively explained, grounded or even a little bit elliptic and ambiguous (like personal blogs and ruminations tend to be) and readers will just fill in the open spaces with their own preconceptions.

few people seem to have the integrity to even ask what one meant with this or that because that would mean engaging the op as a real feeling and thinking person who perhaps has a little different ideas and connotations, and we cant have that. except maybe when the op is a white man and therefore gets to be human by default. everyone else? has to deal with other peoples intellectual laziness bc nobody cares to see if it was all just a misunderstanding.

i am of course referring to the minor drama that exploded in one of my posts about a week ago but also a series of other less dramatic, more amusing misunderstandings. they happen. usually i just shrug it off bc thats life.

but it is really, really rich for someone to seek out my blog on purpose and make a series of presumptuous comments insinuating that i am writing to seek conflict when the original post was about wanting a groups of people to keep out of shit that doesnt concern them AND subsequently me doing everything in my power to AVOID, not CONFRONT them when this very person was the one to stir up shit in the first place.

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