All of this. I got really sick of the entire “but you have to state how much of everything you are” mentality in the English speaking world whilst living in Scotland, and people not understanding that blood comes way after e.g. community involvement.

yeah thats def par of it bc ppl here are getting ridiculous ideas abt indigenous identities from western movies and throw things like half-breed around as if they have any idea what it means and what is context. but thats not all—saami identities in finland are incredibly contested at the moment bc of the additional clause which includes ppl who descend from so-called “tax lapps” (ppl who were marked as lapps as in non-farmers in the olden tax records, which is a problematic equivalence to draw between livelihood and cultural identity to say the least) in the official definition of saami.

its especially intense where i live where some of these settler descendants (some are actually descended from actual saami ppl but u wouldnt know based on how they act) are claiming to be oppressed by the current regime in the sámediggi (which doesnt in fact get to decide shit except how to distribute some peanuts for project funding) bc theyre all immigrant reindeer herders from norway or smth and hogging all their precious ancestral land. bc ppl like me or my family or everyone i ever knew do not exist, right…

and generally speaking, you know, if your first instinct is to blame saami ppl for land use conflicts in which the context is their forcible relocation… i dont even know what to say to these ppl.

if u want to talk more send me a private msg, i rly am not in the mood to go any further in in public. and this is also why i usually do not post shit re: identity politics bc some of these things have a very significant local context that isnt immediately obvious to anybody w/o extensive grounding. for which i have no time or patience.

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