some thoughts abt ~saami roots~

i just have so much smug hostility for (usually white settler) ppl whose first instinct upon learning of a saami heritage that was suppressed bc of colonialism is to blame saami ppl who maintained their cultural connections for not being all welcoming embraces.

just fuck u if u think community accountability doesnt apply to u and somehow youre entitled to anything and everything abt us u want. it doesnt work like that. u may have long gone saami ancestors but the real crux of the reclamation process is how and what kind of a relationship u build with actually living saami ppl. and kinship doesnt let u of the hook either bc its a two-way street, too. u get what u give. so either respect us, or get the hell out of our proverbial lawn.

i swear ~indigenous heritage~ is where a lot of white settlers bullshit ideas and magical racist thinking abt blood crystallize. theyre so enamoured w the idea of having something special in their genetic makeup that somehow bestows a whole lot of priceless ancient knowledge on these clueless fucks. its as if indigeneity or much less ties to specific communities is something abstract rather than a messy and real and tedious tangled web of relations, responsibilities, memories, grief, loss, joy, just like any other community.

but no, theyd not want to deal with real people or real life (much less the trauma and impoverishment an ongoing oppression that r endemic to so many indigenous communities, ours included) so the white settler concept of indigeneity is strictly abstract and all about blood. this is why you almost never hear a saami person talk abt their ~blood heritage~ unless u specifically ask for it, and know that doing so is incredibly invasive and dehumanizing.

and this is why white settlers love talking abt blood, bc it allows them to keep dehumanizing and demeaning us while pretending to be working with us or for us thru their ~reclamation~ work and appearing all conscious and educated. fuck you. you are a bunch of creepy racist fucks and thats all there is to it.

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