ahhahahahah the position in which non-saami non-activists often imagine those of us who *do* take an active role in our communities is sometimes hilariously unreal

Personally I can’t be arsed to participate in anything that carries the slightest whiff of the politics of recognition. Because it centres the settler. I have little interest in engaging with any kind of efforts for the mainstream to “recognize” us on arenas *they* control because that is a war that we cannot win. I’m simply not interested in settler opinions nor the changing thereof, affect me though they may.

The place where my efforts can actually be useful to *my people* and ergo my cause is not with settlers.


Do not bore me with trying to shoehorn me or any other fellow activist into a role that we very specifically did not choose—me for the reasons stated above, others for whatever reason they happen to have. Because OUR ACTIVISM DOES NOT NEED TO BE ABOUT YOU. You can deal with your own ignorance, white guilt or whatever’s this month’s flavour of not wanting to be accountable.

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