Can saying ”We are all indigenous to the earth” be negative??



I was thinking about this the other day and such a statement is almost always used by settlers, mostly white folk who are trying to be allies. But can such a statement become a problem especially when talking about native issues? After all, it sounds earily similar to that of colorblindedness. Is it possible that such a statement can potentially become similar to saying I DON’T SEE COLOR?

YES. I completely liken it to people saying that “I don’t see color”/”we all bleed red”/”there’s only one race: human” because it turns away the conversation away from the contexts and realities of our lives and it erases our cultures and our histories. It derails more than it adds value. It they want to talk about how everyone has a responsibility to the planet  and to other humans- be my guest. But being human =/= being indigenous. We have way too many other words to describe the human experience for them to need “indigenous” too. 

What she said.

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