Winona LaDuke: Letter Solidarity for Aamjiwnaang


Solidarity from Winona LaDuke for Aamjiwnaang

December 29, 2012


I want to send my support to the Citizens of Aamjiwnaang First Nation as
they continue a blockade of CN rail, and the chemical industrial complex
which destroys their land. Standing for Idle No More and the leadership
of Chief Teresa Spence, is essential to our future. Standing strong for our
Maamaa Akiing, Mother Earth, and for future generations is the only hope
that those who are not yet here have. We are people with responsibilities,
dignity, and great power. It is time to take the shackles off, and stand
powerful, in the eyes of the creator, the media, and your communities. We
are very proud of your blockade, and your courage.

In our instructions, we were told of a time where we would make a choice
between two paths, one well worn, but scorched a second not well worn
but green. In the land where some 62 chemical plants are concentrated
around your reserve, and your people are faced with poisons of the
scorched path, it is , indeed time to stand with courage. And, we will stand
with you.

This movement, this lightening rod, of enough is enough ,Idle No More,
resonates, throughout the Northland, throughout Mother Earth. May the
Creator watch over you, and our path towards the new world, symbolized
by our prophecies, and by teachings like those of the Mayan Calendar, be

Winona LaDuke

(Our thanks to Leanne Simpson for sharing this letter with us)

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