random entrepreneurship&craft thoughts

how much would it cost & how much revenue would it generate if there was program for native artists & craftspeople to help them get started:

  • legal & tax advice
  • subsidized or provided bookkeeping services
  • product photography
  • graphic design for business cards, website
  • website setup
  • help with networking, outsourcing, collaboration

some kind of an incubator you could just walk in with your stuff? it seems to be getting good-ish results here. i have been involved in projects & workshops that help you work on your ideas and visions but at the end of the day that is often not the area where artists need help, being artists & all. what we generally need hep with is the running of the everyday stuff.

and this is not a reflection on the artists’ professionalism, because obviously everyone is not an adept diy photographer just like not everyone is a skilled beadworker. its just that a lot of the product photos i see are not very good. im seeing less of unfocused and unclear photos these days (thankfully) but lighting and background are very pertinent issues and cause even stunning products to look cheap and unattractive.

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