Dear non-indigenous linguists


It bothers me quite a bit when you post learning materials to indigenous languages that speakers of these languages themselves rarely can get access to and that they would most likely have to spend a lot of money on getting hold of, especially when your comment about said language is something along the lines of “it’s also VSO, amazing!”

If you wish to be a linguist documenting endangered languages, don’t approach them like fucking exotic animals in a zoo. Also, how many fucking times do I have to say that many indigenous people take offence to non-members of their communities learning their language to add to their collection of cool accessories, when the very same language is the stolen, almost exterminated lifeblood of a people, before you fucking get it?

Settler linguists, check your fucking privileges and ask yourself why you’re learning an endangered language that members of that community often can’t even learn themselves.

Anyway, to my Ojibwe followers, seeing as some of my settler linguist friends was orgasming over the exoticness of your language on FB, I now have a link to a pdf of a 200 pages + long TY Anishinaabemowin book from the Ciimaan Anishinaabemowin Learning Initiative that I am willing to pass on to you if you send me an ask. If you’re not Anishinaabe, do not even bother.

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